About AKM Meadville

Mission:  Circuits manufacturing intelligence, interconnect the world!

Vision: Become a respectful leader of world electronic and circuits industry with sustainable competition advantages.

Core Value

People-Oriented:Create a platform for doers,build highly competitive and energetic team

Practical & Accountable:Start from the basic logic of things, take a step forward, be able to start, follow through and accomplish things

Customer First:Gain insight into customer needs, build customer trust upon quality, and build customer dependence upon technology

Excellence & Innovation:Pursue excellence, work creatively and create more value in every deed

Win-win Collaboration:Add value for customers, create value for shareholders, and let employees realize value

Our Vision

To be the industry’s leading consumers-centric organization, offering products that are symbols of innovations, elegance in appearances and robustness in applications that could keep abreast with the modern era.


Manufacturing Sites

Shanghai (SME)

Address. No.200, Jiang Tian Dong Road,
Song Jiang Industrial Zone,
Shanghai, China
Phone. +86 21 3774 7200

Shanghai (SMST)

Address. No.685 Lian Yang Road,
Song Jiang Industrial Zone,
Shanghai,  China
Phone. +86 21 3774 7521

Guangzhou (GME)

Address      No. 1 Xinle Road, Science  City, Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone , Guangzhou,China
Phone.         +86 20 2221 7380

Guangzhou (NS)

Address. No.63, South of the Huanshi Road
Phone. +86 20 3905 0288

Suzhou (SZ)

Address. NO. 188, Lushan Road,
SND, Suzhou,Jiangsu,China
Phone. +86 512 8225 9651

Xiamen (XMT)

 Address      No. 99, Yongcuo Road,                                  Haicang , Xiamen,China
Phone.          —

Fuzhou (FZ)

Address. Songshan Business Park,
Fuzhou Taiwan Investment Zone,
Songshan Town, Luoyuan County,
Fuzhou, Fujian

Thailand (TL)_Under Construction

Address. Ayutthaya Thailand


AKM Meadville Electronics (Xiamen) Co. Ltd.

Address. 26th Floor, Tower E, Xiamen Center, 567 Haicang Avenue, Haicang District,
Xiamen, Fujian, China

Who We Are

 Worldwide Ranking* : TOP 19

Worldwide HDI Ranking* : TOP 8

* Source: Prismark

 2023 Revenue : 1.01B*

Manufacturing Sites & R&D : 8+2

* USD / RMB = 1/7.18

Patents : 600+

 R&D investment* : 7%

* Invested 6% of our 2022 revenue in R&D in 2023

Milestones & Development of AKM Meadville

  • 1994

    • Started FPC production in NS
  • 2002

    • Started HDI production in SME
  • 2003

    • Started Substrate production in SMST
  • 2008

    • Started Advanced & Anylayer HDI and Rigid-Flex production in GME
  • 2017

      • Invested in mSAP technology and started SLP and SiP production in GME  
      • Started FPC production for automotive battery in SZ
  • 2019

    • Expanded New Energy Module business in ANBO
  • 2021

    • Invested in FCBGA substrate technology in SMST
  • 2022

    • Invested in FCBGA substrate technology and expanded AI and intelligent product offering in XMT
  • 2023

    • Establishing a factory in Thailand Gradually expanding our product coverage from Southeast Asia to the global international market