Full Spectrum IC Substrate support for all package solutions, including FCBGA, FCCSP, CSP, SiP

  • 2-14L Anylayer with core / coreless structure
  • Line/Spaces:
    ・Subtractive:20/35um volume
    ・mSAP:25/25um volume, 15/15um sample
    ・ETS:20/20um volume, 15/15um sample
    ・SAP:12/12um volume, 9/12um sample
  • 130um Pitch Flip-Chip CSP/BGA
  • Sub-0.2mm 6L Core/Coreless substrates
  • BT/FR5/ABF Ultra low CTE, Low loss materials
  • 2.5D cavity, Embedded pattern (ETS:Embedded Trace Substrates), Distributive buried capacitance and buried resistance layer
  • Solder-on-Pad (SOP Technology within print and microball)

Advanced HDI PCBs

High volume, reliable advanced HDI products
with up to 16 layer any layer
40/40um L/S
Fine pitch BGA
Up to 77G Hz High speed material hybrid HDI
Heavy Cu, Coin and novel thermal solutions


High Volume, Competitive pricingsubstrate-like-PCB (SLP) products

  • 6-14L Anylayer structure
  • modified Semi-Additive (mSAP) technology
  • 30/30um L/S volume, 25/25um L/S Sample
  • 0.3mm Pitch SoC design with massive I/Os
  • Next generation mainboard solutions for fine pitch, large I/O counts packages on mobile devices
  • Cavity and 2.5D structures

SLP (Substrate-like-PCB) PCBs

High volume, reliable substrate-like-PCB
(SLP) products with Modified Semi-Additive (mSAP) technology
30/30um L/S
Fine pitch Fan-out Wafer
Level Package with large I/OS

Advanced & Anylayer HDI

High Volume, Highly Reliable advanced and anylayer HDI rigid PCBs

  • Up to 18L Anylayer HDI
  • 40/40um L/S
  • 0.3mm fine-pitch BGA
  • Up to 77GHz high speed material hybrid HDI
  • Distributive embedded capacitors and resistors
  • Cavity and 2.5D structures
  • Heavy copper, coin and novel thermal solutions

IC Substrates

Ultra thin, highly customized module substrates
20/40um Subtractive, 20/30um mSAP L/S
150um Pitch Flip-chip CSP
<0.2mm 6L Core/Coreless substrate
BT/FR5 Ultra low CTE, Low loss, LED module Application Material
2.5D Cavity, Embedded Pattern, Distributive buried capacitance and buried resistance layer
Solder-on-Pad (SOP Technology)

Rigid-Flex & Flex

High Volume, Low loss options Rigid-Flex & Flex

  • Conventional PTH and Advanced / Anylayer HDI for Flex/Rigid-Flex PCBs w up to 8 flex layers
  • 40/40um L/S
  • Fine-pitch devices
  • 12um PI, 10um coverlay ultra thin rigid-flex
  • PI and low loss mPI / LCP materials
  • Flex-to-Install / Dynamic bend / Semi-Flex^
  • Symmetrical / Asymmetrical structures
    ^Bending FR4 Flex

SMT & Assembly

Automatic Assembly Lines for TSOP / QFP / QFN / LGA / BGA

  • Equipment: 39 SMT lines / 48 Printers / 77 Mounters / 25 AOIs
  • Max. board size: 460 x 400mm
  • Component: 01005
  • SMT capabilities: TSOP / QFP / QFN / LGA / BGA
  • Customized assembly and testing

New Energy Module

New Energy Battery CCS / CTP Module

  • Large panel size up to 1.8m( bending could be 2.5m) for temperature and voltage sensing and overcurrent protection
  • Puncture crimp connector, Al/Cu ultrasonic welding
  • Hot press CCS, PET insulation film, Hot riveting & injection molding
  • One stop-shop for design, layout, simulation, fabrication, SMT, testing and assembly

Flex / Flex-assembly / Rigid Flexible (HDI) PCBs

Flex, Flex-assembly, Rigid-flex
with advanced HDI / any layer technology
40/40um L/S
Fine pitch devices
12um PI, 10um Coverlay ultra thin thickness
Dynamic bend / Install bend / Semi-Flex
Symetrical/Unsymmetrical structures
PI and low loss PI/LCP materials
Customized assembly and testing