AKM Meadville Keeps Deep Bond with Its Employees During the COVID-19

by | Oct 1, 2020

Xiamen Grand Opening

Physical and mental well-being of employees has always been the top priority of AKM Meadville (AKMMV). By providing a wide range of benefits and training courses, AKMMV endeavors to create an energetic and healthy workplace environment for its employees. During the coronavirus pandemic, AKMMV has implemented a series of actions to support the employees in different regions. At the Hong Kong office, AKMMV distributes free surgical masks to the staff and launches adaptive work arrangements. Infection control teams are formed in Guangzhou and Shanghai subsidiaries to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 by monitoring the hygiene in the workplace and checking the body temperature records regularly.

Furthermore, AKMMV organized a range of training courses and activities for its employees when the COVID-19 was in a controlled manner. In June, fire escape training was held at SME by enhancing the skills on emergency preparedness. At the end of September, a red cross trainer was invited to instill the basic first aid knowledge and skills to the employees. To foster the well-being of the employees, GME also organizes recreational activities regularly, such as different ball game competitions. AKMMV strives to provide a quality workplace environment and devotes more resources to promoting the value of people-oriented.