GME Annex Building Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

by | Feb 28, 2022

Xiamen Grand Opening

28th February 2022, Guangzhou – Today, the foundation stone of the Annex Building of Guangzhou Meadville Electronics Co., Ltd. (‘GME’), one of the subsidiaries of AKM Meadville, was laid. The guests who officiated at the ceremony included AKM Meadville Deputy General Manager Mr Wu Shao-kun and GME General Manager Mr Kwok Wei-Chung, together with other guests from AKM Meadville and GME also joined the ceremony.

The GME Annex Building will cover 1,940 square meters of total area, and the gross floor area will span approximately 25,700 square meters. This extension is a necessary aspect to accommodate and support the long-term strategies of transformation and upgrading of AKM Meadville. Additionally, it can further optimize productivity, maximize customer benefits and market competitive advantages.

At the ceremony, Mr Kwok Wei-Chung, GME General Manager, said, “AKM Meadville has been helping to fuel the rapid development of GME after the acquisition in 2020. In the biggest step forward in enhancing the internal facilities, and optimizing the management control of production and operations by completing the new Annex Building. This landmark investment project will be a paramount start to the next phase of the effort of GME to build a better future for the company of today and tomorrow.”

Mr Wu Shao-kun, AKM Meadville Deputy General Manager, said, “AKM Meadville attaches great importance to GME and confident that GME will continue to deliver value to stakeholders for decades to come by transforming and upgrading its production and operations through this extension.”

This successful foundation stone laying ceremony at Guangzhou marks the beginning of a new chapter for GME and the GME Annex Building as the project enters into the construction phase. Looking into the future, the growth and vision of GME will beyond today’s expectation.