New Launch of AKM Meadville

by | Apr 18, 2020

Xiamen Grand Opening

18 April 2020 – AKM Meadville (“AKMMV”) today announced that the company had completed 100% acquisition of the mobility sector from TTM Technology (“TTMI”), including Guangzhou Meadville Electronics, Shanghai Meadville Electronics, Shanghai Meadville Science & Technology, as well as Shanghai Kaiser Electronics. A virtual opening ceremony has occurred in Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong simultaneously due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AKM Industrial (HKEX: 1639), a leading company in the manufacturing & sale of a flexible printed circuit in mainland China, and Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group are set to buy over the mobility sector from TTM fully, with plans to expand aggressively across the globe.

Strategically, AKMMV will be a comprehensive PCB solution provider in 5G Communication, AI, Clouding, Smart Car, Smart Home, Internet of Thing & Medical markets. By proactively integrating and strengthening the internal capabilities in producing the advanced high-density interconnect PCBs, IC substrates, substrate-like-PCBs (SLP), and Rigid Flexible (HDI) PCBs, AKMMV will be a significant PCB manufacturer in today’s market.

Shanghai 2

Photo 1: Opening Ceremoney at Shanghai

Photo 2: Opening Ceremoney at Hong Kong